What is an electronic ticket (or E-ticket)?

Electronic tickets are stored within the airlines reservation system rather than printed on a paper copy. The service is similar to the traditional paper ticket process, but eliminates the time and hassle associated with purchasing or exchanging a paper ticket. For flights that only require an 'electronic ticket', when you arrive at the airline check in desk you will be required to present the following items in order to receive your boarding pass: - Appropriate identification and travel documents i.e. passport, visa if required, etc. - A printout of your confirmation page or confirmation e-mail to present to the check in representative. - The credit/debit card you paid with (This only applies if you are flying with SASK or Air France). Please note: It is the passengers responsibility to check and obtain the relevant passport, visa and health inoculations for the country they are travelling to.

How do I know if I have successfully completed my booking/order?

Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive an automated e-mail containing your confirmation number and full details of the product that you have purchased. If you have not received an e-mail confirmation, please see the answer on this page about lost confirmation emails.

How do I cancel my flight ticket?

To submit a cancellation enquiry please use our Contact Us form and supply the booking / order reference number, we aim to respond to your enquiry within 24 hours. Most low priced tickets are completely non-refundable. For this reason we recommend that you take out adequate travel insurance before booking. However cancellation charges can vary and in some cases, a part refund can be obtained, which is calculated by deducting the airline's cancellation fee and our administration fee. Full fees will be explained to you at the time of cancellation.

I haven't received or I have lost my confirmation e-mail, how do I get another copy?

If you have not received your confirmation e-mail within 4 hours of making a booking or have lost the e-mail, please check your 'deleted items' and 'Junk Mail' folders. To check if the booking was successfully made and obtain another copy of your confirmation e-mail you can click here to make a request for a new confirmation or enquire about the booking status.

Why have I received a paper ticket rather than an e-ticket?

There could be a number of reasons why an e-ticket has not been issued on this occasion: - Not all airlines have the facility to offer e-tickets. - Certain airlines enforce restrictions on the number of flights that can accept e-tickets. - Certain airlines do not accept e-tickets for all passenger types (e.g. Infants). - Certain airlines are not able to offer e-tickets on all flights due to their own system capabilities. - If the itinerary includes more than 1 airline then an e-ticket is not always possible. - Airline reservation systems may be experiencing technical issues requiring paper tickets to be issued. Please note that paper tickets cannot be converted to an electronic ticket after issue.

There is a mistake on my confirmation / e-mail / documentation, what should I do?

If you see a mistake on your confirmation e-mail or documentation, please fill in and submit the Contact Us form and one of our agents will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

Can I change the details or travel dates of my booking?

Much depends on what changes you need to make and what the rules are for the specific flight you have booked. If you wish to amend a booking or wish to enquiry if a specific change can be made, then please fill in the Contact Us form and submit your change or enquiry. We will then be able to check the booking details and get back to you as soon as possible to advise if the amendment is possible and if it will incur a refund or additional charge. In some cases flights are totally non-refundable and non-changeable and so the airline would treat changes to travel dates as a cancellation and you would need to re-book and pay again. Click here to go to the Contact Us form.

When will I receive my flight tickets?

This is dependent on the ticket delivery method requested at the time of booking. Please check your booking confirmation which details the delivery method. Unfortunately we cannot change your method of delivery once it has been requested.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Mastercard and Visa (Visa Credit and Visa Debit), American Express, Switch and Solo cards for all products. Unfortunately we do not currently support Electron cards. Information on payment methods is outlined on the website once you select your product.

What time should I check in for my flight?

Please note that it is always best to check with the airline for accurate check in times. We recommend that you check in at least 2 hours prior to departure for a short hall flight and at least 3 hours for a long haul flight. Please allow extra time if you are collecting any tickets e.g. TOD (Ticket on Departure).

How long does it take to process a refund for my flight?

Most tickets are non-changeable/non refundable. If you would like to cancel your booking or have an enquiry please e-mail us by filling in and submitting the Contact Us form.

Which airline am I flying with?

The confirmation e-mail sent at the time of your booking contains the airline information relating to your flight.

What if I need an invoice or receipt?

You can use your confirmation e-mail as a receipt or invoice for your booking. If you require a new copy of your confirmation e-mail, you can use the Contact Us form to make your request. For business customers travelling on a business trip, the booking must be made using a business credit card in the travellers name, using the business address. We can only accept payment for bookings in the passenger’s name and the address the payment card is registered at.

How do I check it is safe to travel to my holiday destination?

We recommend that you check the Foreign and Commonweath Office Travel Advice webpage for the latest updates and information relating to your holiday destination.

Are transfers included in 'Holidays'?

Transfers are only included in your booking if stated in the 'price includes' section on the website.

Can I use the return portion of my flight ticket, without using the outward?

You are required to use all flight coupons in order of sequence. If you do not travel on the outbound flight then the airline may cancel the ticket and any subsequent flights booked.

At what age is an air passenger considered an infant/child?

Infant: 0 - 23 months for the full travel period. Child: 2 - 11 years for the full travel period. Infants are not allocated a seat and will be required to travel on an adult's lap. If you require a seat for your infant, you will need to purchase a child seat.

I have a traveller with a disability or special need in my party, how can I make suitable arrangements?

Before booking for a passenger with any sort of disability or special need, we would strongly recommend that you contact us by email and we will call you to discuss the passenger's actual requirements. Airlines have their own individual guidelines regarding the provision and carriage of wheelchairs and they will need to know the size and type if you are taking your own wheelchair and other relevant information for the safety and comfort of the passenger during the flight. Hotels vary in their suitability for disabled passengers and we would need to contact our hotel providers for their advice and instructions relating to such bookings. Sites such as Tripadvisor can be very useful when investigating hotel facilities and can often provide a reasonable guide to the services available. This is in addition to a hotel's own website, the accuracy of which always remains the hotel's own responsibility, and for which we cannot guarantee accuracy or take any responsibility. It is very important to note that requests to airlines, hotels, transfer providers and car hire suppliers cannot be guaranteed and we cannot accept responsibility for any of our suppliers if they fail to provide the requested service. For further information please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

Why do some hotels require a credit card imprint on check-in?

This is a standard requirement in most hotels worldwide and is only taken as a precaution, so as to guarantee payment of any incidental charges (such as telephone calls, room service etc.). On check-out, the hotel will usually give the option of paying by cash instead.

At what age does my child cease to qualify as an infant on an aircraft?

Infants must be under 2 years old on the return date of travel. If your child celebrates his or her 2nd birthday while on holiday, you must book and pay the appropriate child fare. Charges for infants vary depending on the route and length of flight and will be advised in the booking process. Infants are not entitled to their own seat and must travel on an adult’s lap. If you require a seat for your infant to sit separately you will need to purchase a child’s ticket at the appropriate fare. Infants do not always receive a personal baggage allowance as this varies from carrier to carrier.

What's my baggage allowance?

The baggage allowance to which you are entitled will vary from airline to airline and between scheduled carriers like KLM, Air France, BA and no frills carriers like Easyjet. Scheduled carriers will usually give a free allowance for checked luggage as well as permitting a small amount of hand luggage to be taken into the aircraft cabin. Amounts may vary according to destination and airline so please contact us on the number given on your confirmation email for the precise amount in kilograms. No frills carriers will almost always charge for checked luggage. This should have been offered to you as an option during the booking process and will be shown on your flight confirmation. Hand luggage to be taken into the aircraft cabin is strictly limited and must conform to both the weight and the size allowance that the airline specifies. If you are in any doubt please contact us on the number given on your confirmation email.

At what age can passengers travel alone?

When travelling on an arrangement including hotel accommodation, no person under the age of 18* years will be allowed to travel independently. *The exception is for Las Vegas where visitors are required to be 21 years old if unaccompanied. The passenger’s age relates to the whole of the period when they are away including the day of return. When travelling on a flight-only basis, passengers can travel alone if they are aged 14 years or over subject to airline approval, providing they can travel unassisted. Please note if they are aged 14 - 15, a parent or legal guardian must accompany them to check-in, and a valid photo-id in addition to the country specific documentation must be presented. We strongly recommend that parents or guardians of unaccompanied young persons remain in the airport until the flight has departed. Airlines reserve the right not to accept unaccompanied minors under 14 years of age for carriage. If an under 14 year old needs to travel unaccompanied, please contact us by email via our support request system to request assistance before making a booking.

At what age does my child have to pay the full adult fare on an aircraft?

Children must be 2 - 11 years old on the return date of travel to qualify for any applicable child fare reduction. Children aged 12 years and older pay the full fare and have their own seat and also have a full baggage allowance.

At what age can a baby travel on an aircraft?

An infant must be more than 7 days old to travel on an aircraft, for health and safety reasons.