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Monday 20th Jan 2020

Monday 20th Jan 2020

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The Ancient City of Polonnaruwa has been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. To date it remains one of the best preserved archaeological relic sites in Sri Lanka. The reclining Buddha’s 14-metre-long statue is part of a sculpture group of ancient monastery.

The ruins in Polonnaruwa are in one compact area making it an ideal place to spend the whole day exploring. It is recomended to take a three wheeler ride from your hotel to to the entrance of the ruins and spend the rest of the day exploring by foot.

Polonnaruwa was established by the Chola dynasty about a millennium back. It was once declared the capital by King Vijayabahu I in 1070. During Parakramabahu's reign the irrigation system for the land was so thoroughly developed that till date the system is being used to supply water to paddy fields.

Polonnaruwa is bordered by several national parks. Getting to Polonnaruwa is best by taxi but train travel is also possible.

As usual three-wheeler (tuk-tuks) are omnipresent for travelling around. Bicycles are the recommended transport for getting around Polonnaruwa and can be hired by the day from the towns main street for a couple of pounds for the full day.

Accomodation can be found near Sigiriya, however there are a few good hotels in Polonnaruwa as well.

Places to view and explore are:

  • Quadrangle
  • Gal Vihara
  • Southern Ruins
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Northern Ruins
  • Nissanka Malla's palace
  • Buddha Seema Prasada
  • Pabula Vihara,Pabula Vihara
  • Lankatilaka
  • Shiva Devale No 1 & 2
  • Kiri Vihara
  • Tivanka Image House
  • Tivanka Image House
  • Royal Palace Group