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Thursday 18th Jul 2019

Thursday 18th Jul 2019

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Northern Cyprus

One of the best up-and-coming destination in the Mediterranean.

Beautiful natural scenery, unspoilt beaches, hospitable friendly people and a history that spans over 9,000 years awaits to welcome you. The island of Northern Cyprus is located in the eastern Mediterranean with its nearest neighbour being Turkey, approximately 40 miles away to the north.

A holiday in North Cyprus is unique in that it offers combinations in all facets of travel, tourism, history and adventure in a way which is unparalleled anywhere in the Mediterranean. The natural beauty of the island is unshadowed by modern developments and is in total harmony with the comforts that technology has brought to the island and enhances the natural beauty of the surroundings. The only sky line here is the towering mountains that hug the coastlines. Here, every day is like a Sunday. North Cyprus is a great holiday destination, and the best choice and value for your summer and winter sun holidays!

The essence of the island is the way its untouched landscapes, colourful history and simple lifestyle come together to relax you.

The Besparmak - or Five Fingers Mountains as they are known - which frame Kyrenia are delight for walkers, horse-riders and mountain bikers alike. Here you can stroll amid scented forests and picnic on ridges where the views are truly unforgettable. The area is rich with wildlife and flora too. In the spring a dazzling variety of wild flowers greet the sunshine, including no less than 30 varieties of orchids. The island also attracts several million birds of some 250 species, helping to nourish a rich natural heritage that is wonder to behold.

Those wanting total seclusion will find it in the Karpaz Peninsula, the island's elongated 'panhandle' to the east. Here tiny unhurried villages, ancient churches, monasteries, basilicas and the vestiges of the once-important Roman city of Karpasia punctuate the empty countryside, whilst vast sandy beaches unfurl themselves along the coast. On this peninsula, as on the beaches around Kyrenia and Famagusta Bay, visitors can join one of the organized excursions of the Turtle Watch team to glimpse the famous colonies of rare loggerhead and green turtles nesting and hatching in the sands - a truly privileged sight.

Just as the island holds out pleasures for nature and peace-lovers, so it does for sports-loving holidaymakers. Many of the region's hotels provide an exciting variety of water sports from water skiing and powerboat rides to more unusual pursuits such as knee-boarding. Northern Cyprus is one of the newest diving hotspots in the Mediterranean and one of the oldest too. Many scuba divers are discovering the region's impressive array of diving sites, which are made even more enticing by the warm waters and long diving season that stretches from April until Christmas.

Those who enjoy exploring historic sites and antiquities will not be disappointed either. The island's mercurial history has left a myriad of archaeological splendours and historic sightseeing, from museums holding 7000 year old artefacts roughly hewn by the island's first cave-dwellers to the remarkable 2300 year old shipwreck on show in Kyrenia castle. In Famagusta, the ancient Roman ruins of Salamis make an astounding sight, as do the medieval City Walls, 14th century Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque and the town's elegant Ottoman houses.

Whatever you want from your holiday, the many faces of this beautiful island will undoubtedly inspire, soothe and relax you.

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