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Tuesday 21st Jan 2020

Tuesday 21st Jan 2020

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On the western cost of  Kenya lies Mombasa. It is made up of an island town and extended to he mainland around it, and  is the second-largest city in Kenya, after Nairobi, with a population of around eight hundred thousand which is less than a third of Nairobi's. Mombasa is a very ancient city & as per Kenyan school history books is believed to have been founded in 900 A.D.  

It is blessed with a tropical climate with white sand beaches fringed with Palm trees along the coast line. The calm, inviting turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean is full of beautiful coral reefs alive with millions of  fishes, live corals, sea turtles, dolphins and other sea life offering hours of diving fun to explore the spectular coral gardens. The Kisite-Mpunguti, National Marine Park  has been established at Wasini Island and offers al day trip for divers and snorkellers.

Mombasa with Port & an International Airport is the center of the costal tourism industry. Mombasa has some of the nicest beaches on Mainland Africa and are fringed with green rain forests prolific birdlife and variety of wildlife including baboons, rare colobus monkeys and even leopards.

The best time to visit Mombasa is between December and March which is the summertime and the best period for the British people to escape bitter winter months of UK. April and May are the rainy season and the wettest months.

Mombasa has a lot to offer visitors. Other than the beautiful beaches:

  • The bustling Mwembe Tayari fruit and vegetable market.

  • The Old Town and Port.

  • Fort Jesus.

  • The Famous Elephant Tusks on Moi Avenue.

  • The Akamba Wood Carvers.

  • Mooring Floating Restaurant in Mtwapa,

  • Kilifi County,Gede Ruins,

  • Temple Point and Marine Parks in Watamu,

  • Malindi County, Several Islands in Lamu County,

  • Several Beach Resorts in Diani, Kwale County

  • Mama Ngina Drive

  • Uhuru Gardens

  • Marine Park

  • Haller Park