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Thursday 18th Jul 2019

Thursday 18th Jul 2019

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Manaus: When we talk of Amazon rainforest we conjure miles and miles of dense tropical uninhibited forest. But contrary to this belief you will find Manaus is Amazon’s largest city with thriving industries and a rich and vibrant culture on the bank of the river Amazon. It  The nearest city is around 700 kilometres away and the best way to get to it either by plane or by boat.

Manaus isn’t actually on the banks of Amazon but on the mouth of its massive tributary, the Rio Negro. Most of the operators offering Amazon Jungle adventure trips are based in Manaus. However one is advised to be cautious with your bookings and are advised to book trips with only reputable and well  established operators. The city has many attractions including a zoos, beaches and museums. Manaus is quite lively by night. Night life is alive with music, live samba, dancing, live performances and good drinks. Other well known attractions are

Lake Janauari Ecological Park.
St. Francis church.
Adolpho Ducke Botanical Garden.
The  ‘Encontoro das Aguas’or the "meeting of the waters".
The Palacio Rio Negro.
The Ponta Negra beach.
The Praia do Tupe.
The Praia do Arrombado.
The Mercado Municipal market.
The Museum Seringal Vila Paraiso.